It took us some time but after two years we are back with another collaboration with Annet X. Annet came with an idea of a new bag and we fell in love with it immediately. Its shape with “cut” corners is recognizable at first glance and the iconic metal buckle ensures confident closure. It can be worn in a variety of ways, as it is a bag, a tote and a hip bag, all at one. From now on we will not take a step outside without the new MINIBAG.

MINIBAG is what brings Annet X and NAUT together. An accessory for everyday that shows a perfect combination of trends, technical materials and precise craftsmanship. Thanks to its compact dimensions and variability the bag will never be in the way of your freedom. It will reliably take care of your phone, charger and power cords, headphones, wallet or keys.

Find out more about Annet's music  here.