NAUT was founded by designers Lukáš Procházka and Filip Nguyen. Since the creation of the first bag in 2016, NAUT has been growing its portfolio and now, in addition to backpacks, also offers a range of bags and purses, and apparel.

Most of NAUT’s products are modular backpacks and bags. “Our passion for traveling doesn’t only include traveling to the end of the world. For us, it can even include daily commuting or going to party. The bags are designed to help you on your way, not be in your way.” Lukáš says. Thanks to the modular system, various models (e.g. hip bag and crossbody bag) can be attached to the backpacks and adjusted to your needs.

Filip explains, “Because of our obsession with detail, along with my Vietnamese roots, we spent a lot of thought in exploring the longevity and precision of asian design. For example, áo dài is and has always been made of intricate needlecraft, immaculate fabrics and with a certain degree of pride in making each personalised piece. It’s no wonder that we add these designs to our collection, because we honour the same precision in every product we make, from thread to buckle.”

NAUT proudly manufactures right in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic