Kimono Coat Porcelain Dragon

Kimono that will change life of couple of children.

The influence of the Asian culture is much more than an inspiration for us. Thanks to my family roots it is more about respecting the same values and projecting them in the products we design.

In the 80's, Vietnam still belonged to the list of the poorest countries. And even though the situation has dramatically changed over last years, there is still a lot of struggle. From my own experience of visiting Vietnam for almost 30 years, I can honestly say there are many people who do need a helping hand. That is why we have created this project.

We have designed NAUT Kimono Coat Porcelain Dragon, a hand decorated one of a kind piece, and we are donating profit from its sale to save the vision of six handicaped children who can not offer the medical help. 

Filip Nguyen,
Designer & Co-founder

What happens when you buy Kimono Coat Porcelain Dragon?

Kimono Coat Porcelain Dragon is a collector's piece and a fuctional coat for every-day wear. With getting this unique Kimono Coat you will change life of a couple of children with visual disabilities.

We have partnered with the Bệnh Viện mắt Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh hospital which specialises in eye surgeries, and we are donating profit from the sale to save the vision of six children. These children will finally be able to do what many of us take for granted - to see the world.

PRICE 24 000 Kč 
The profit will save the vision of 6 children.


NAUT Kimono Coat is made with Nanomembrane fabric, a unique hydrophobic material, that retains a 5 000 mm water column and high level of vapour permeability Ret 4,5. 

Thanks to this high-tech material, NAUT Kimono Coat is 100% wind proof and extremely comfortable.


The NAUT Kimono Coat top fabric is made of wool with a special DWR treatment which guarantees raindrops will run down faster than you realise it was raining. Thanks to the great insulating qualities of wool, the coat is also suitable for colder weather.

Technical specifications 

  • 2 hidden pockets  
  • 2 interior chest pockets
  • invisible magnetic closure
  • lazer engraved NAUT logo


  • top fabric 100% wool + nanomembrane 100% PU
  • lining 100% silk
  • water column 5000 mm
  • water resistance 100%