Second round of interviews with our beloved models is here! Find out more about Alex, a multitalented artist who shared his favorite music producers and visual artists with us, Kamila, a pianist who speaks about her No.1 place in Olomouc where she studies, and Tony, who knows the very best places to eat in Prague.

Alexander Barnanov

Where do you come from? 

I'm from small Russian city Elista, which is the capital of Kalmyk Republic (Still part of Russia). Kalmyk people has origins in mongolia, but no one knows exactly which part of mongolia was their home. Anyway I was raised in Russian culture with Asian roots.

You are a kind of multitalented guy. Audio and visual artist. What are you working on now?

Now I'm trying to learn new software, let's say expand my skills. Also looking forward to be hired at some specific CGI, VFX and motion design companies as a fulltime job. At the moment I have two personal projects that are in a progress. All I can tell is, if everything will be going by the plan, I will prepare my own instalation.

When did you start your music career?

I was emptying dancefloors since 2013.

Favorite producers? 

Blawan, Metrist, Splinter UA, Developer, Subjected, Ansome, Setaoc Mass. Galcher Lustwerk... bands - Paradis.

Favorite visual artists?, Sila Sveta, Oscar Bockerman, Dmitri Thouzery, Tim Zarki, Maxim Zhestkov, Dirk Koy, Marc Aurelien, Jan Sladecko, Onrej Zunka.

Kamila Holíková

Weren’t you a bit nervous to reply to our street casting? It was for the first NAUT show ever. By the way sorry for the orange wigs.

Of course I was a bit nervous but I liked your brand so much that I just had to try it. Although the wig was super scratchy, it looked really cool so it's all good.

You live / study in Olomouc. Favorite place to hang out there?

Definetly Klid v ruchu. It's an outdoors bar, a concert venue and a summer cinema all in one. I love it because I can enjoy good music while sitting under the stars drinking beer.

Your greatest passion? 

I am a pianist so obviously my greatest passion is classical music.

What superpower would you like to have?

Teleportation for sure!

What makes you mad?

People who don't have a kind heart.

Tony Tran

Your passion is cooking - favorite dish?

I’ve been cooking since I was young, I love being creative and trying new things. Just like Filip and Lukáš. I love steak, really good piece of fatty steak or noodle soup dishes. And of course spicy food is what you want haha.

Where do you shop your ingredients?

As fresh as it’s possible, so outdoor markets or some specific items you can buy in special stores but mostly I buy ingredients in Sapa market.

Recommended place to eat in Prague?

Definitely at my place hehe 😜 Depends on what do you like and would you like to eat and if you enjoying nice looking food try some fine dining places like Soho , Taro, Alcron restaurant, Field restaurant and many many moooore.

You’re into techwear - favorite brand?

Yes, techwear was like that opened door for me into fashion first items that i saw and like was Acronym and ACG by Errolson Hugh definitely one of my favorite brand and designer I also like other designer like Rick Owens, Raf Simon, Matthew M. Williams (Alyx, Dior), Junya Watanabe, The North Face...

Another photoshoot with NAUT?

I would really love to, I like the brand and and everyone there. Really friendly, being model for NAUT is one of the best thing ever. Filip, Lukáš and the whole team are not like others, they are cool and friendly people that you would like to meet 👏🏻