When we met Terezie Kovalova for the first time, she greeted us in a bathrobe with a Star Wars design. We did not discuss in length either her music or our bags. We talked about sci-fi, comic books and video games. You probably would not tell this platinum blonde handles a gamepad as easily as her violoncello, and her collection includes space ships and a katana sword.

It was this other side of Terezie’s identity what inspired us to create our own video game character that we named Terezie White Swan. We did not do a photo or video shoot with Terezie, instead we scanned her with a 3D scanner. We processed all the data of her digitalized body and created her authentic 3D double. We live in a world where giving likes to virtual influencers is a common thing to do. And so we taught her to move, blink and breathe. The model could practically be imported right into a video game and come to life.

Why did we choose the White Swan title? From our first meeting with Terezie we brought back with us her favorite comic book named 30 Days of Night. Imagine a dark arctic night that serves as a great opportunity for a group of vampires to turn a small isolated town into a feast. We will not give you a spoiler, you should find the end on your own. However, it was this vampire motive that inspired the White Swan term, which in vampire terminology stands for someone who fights against these monsters.

The inventory of digital Terezie includes a perfectly sharpened katana and our new STRATO backpack. STRATO is an ideal partner for every day in the virtual world but it is even better in reality. That is why we have launched its pre-order starting on April 1. For the first 25 customers we have prepared a special gift packaging and an A1 poster with Terezie White Swan motives.